Letters of Marsilio Ficino Vol 3

Letters of Marsilio Ficino Vol 3
Authors: Marsilio Ficino
ISBN: 0-85683-045-3
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In devoting most of his life to the study and translation of the great dialogues of Plato, and in establishing the Platonic Academy in Florence — which acted as a magnet to the most conspicuously brilliant men in 15th century Europe — Marsilio Ficino awakened in the West a new realisation of that spiritual force which provided, and still provides, the culture that sustains us to this day.

This third volume consists of the thirty-nine letters Ficino published in his Book IV which he dedicated to Matthias Corvinus, the King of Hungary. The letters cover a wide range of topics, but of particular interest are perhaps the life of Plato and Ficino's addresses to members of his Academy in praise of medicine, matrimony and philosophy. In addition this volume contains an account of the life of Ficino by his near-contemporary, Corsi.

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