Letters of Marsilio Ficino Vol 7

Letters of Marsilio Ficino Vol 7
Authors: Marsilio Ficino
ISBN: 0-85683-192-1
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Volume 7 (Book VIII of the Latin edition) is another dedicated to one of Ficino's correspondents, King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary. Most of the dated letters are from June 1487 to October 1488, part of Florence's "golden decade", when Lorenzo de Medici's astute politicking made him not only the peacemaker of the warring states of Italy, but also virtually controller of papal foreign policy. Ficino made good use of his time. Between 1482 and 1484 his major works were published: the "Platonic Theology", the "Christian Religion" and his translation from Greek into Latin of Plato's "Dialogues". He then turned to the translation of Plotinus. Important letters in this volume include his oration "God is Love", delivered to the clergy and people of Florence on the occasion of his installation as a canon of the cathedral in 1487. There are also letters comparing Moses with Plato and Socrates with Christ.

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