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Self Illumination
This work of Shankara teaches that there is only non-dual consciousness.  The reader is taken t..
Shakespeare and Platonic Beauty
In the third title Vyvyan writes ‘If a clearly conceived philosophy is implicit, then it is by alleg..
Shakespeare and the Rose of Love
In the second title Vyvyan sets out ‘to uncover a little of the meaning that the heroine, as a love ..
Shakespearean Ethic
Vyvyan begins the first title ‘It is striking that Shakespeare’s tragic characters are continually a..
Standing for Justice
Standing for Justice is an account of a man who did just that – to understand the man would be to un..
The Eternal Way
The Eternal Way is a translation into English of Sadacaranusandhanam, a work attributed to the great..
The Teaching of Reality
Sri Sankara Acarya's Tattvopadesha translated by Warwick Jessup. Tattvopadesha means literally 'poin..
The Teachings of Astavakra
Simple Sanskrit sentences based on the Advaita teaching given in the Astavakra Gita, using simple Sa..
There's No More Dying Then
Questions What does death mean? Need we fear it? Is there a heaven? What might heaven be like? How c..
When Philosophers Rule
This is the first English translation of the Renaissance philosopher-priest Marsilio Ficino's commen..
Woman - A Unique Tribute
In this her fourth book Dorothy Boux draws on her deep fund of experience and wisdom to shed light o..

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