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Letters of Marsilio Ficino Vol 8
This volume contains letters written in 1488 and 1489, with a preface added in the summer of 1490. T..
Letters of Marsilio Ficino Vol 9
This volume brings together correspondence from the last decade of Marsilio Ficino's life, spanning ..
Mindful Philosophy
this timely book eloquently and thoughtfully opens doors to the “spiritual” seeker who is pursuing a..
Music: The Foundations of Harmony
Introduction followed by ten sessions of practical exercises for groups. Music and number are ine..
Nature of Society
Nature of Society is a very substantial essay of 170 pages.  The subject matter covered include..
New Model of the Economy
The book offers a radical revision of modern economic theory. Its starting point is the existing bod..
Nine Vedic Prayers
No Debt High Growth Low Tax
Governments around the world are wrestling with the problem of enormous debts, low growth, high unem..
On the Nature of Love
on November 7th 1468 nine men gathered to honour Plato's birthday at Careggi near Florence. After th..
On the Nature of Poetry
Almost a library in one volume, this unusual book, written by an accomplished poet, examines the 400..
One World One Wealth - Exploring the Possibilities of Economics with Justice
This book is about economics viewed from an ethical perspective. Through four lectures the book atte..
Opening the Way of Hermes
Opening the way of Hermes (Clem Salaman) wide-ranging exploration of the ideas in Corpus Hermeticum..
Practical Aid for the Study of Sanskrit Dhatus
The Dhatupatha of Panini, alphabetically arranged for use with Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dict..
LEON MACLAREN was leader and teacher in the School of Economic Science from 1937 until his death in ..

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