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A Hundred and Ten Sonnets and A Lover's Consent
Sonnets by a skilled wordsmith and lover of Shakespeare
All the World's a Stage
Soliloquies, poems and songs from Shakespeare both hand written in elegant calligraphy and illustrated by Dorothy Boux.
All Things Natural
All Things Natural is not a new translation of the Timaeus, but a commentary on it.
An Introduction to Marsilio Ficino
Nine Steps to a Good Life - Nine Selected Letters
Commentaries on the Laws of England
Extracts from Commentaries on the Laws of England
Consider England
What is it that makes England English? What are the quintessentially English qualities?
Dasasloki & Brahmajnanavalimala
Two short compositions by Adi Sankara on the nature of the Self
A Practical guide to the use of Dialectic in the search for wisdom
Essence of Vedanta
The Essence of Vedanta examines existential philosophy from the viewpoint of the Veda, the most ancient and sacred of Indian scriptures
Ever More Shall Be So
Offers for the first time an English translation of Ficino’s discerning insights into one of Plato's most important and controversial works, the Timaeus.
Fate of Empires
Two essays: the Fate of Empires and Search for Survival; the second written in response to the vast amount of correspondence that the first essay generated
Firm Foundation
A sound constitution, a good character, and a well-furnished mind are in the experience of the author the essential foundations for a full and useful life.
Function of Economics
‘Is any study simpler than economics? A child could grasp it…‘. Transcript of a 1952 lecture by Leon MacLaren at the Royal Society of Arts.
Golden Thread
This is a book to restore hope to a world in which unpredictable change and unrest breed concern about the future.
How Our Economy Really Works
Why are so many people trapped in poverty, when others are grossly well off?
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