Science of Economics

Science of Economics
Authors: Leon MacLaren (Author), Raymond Makewell (Editor)
ISBN: 0856832918
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This book is the result of 76 years of study on a just system of economics from the viewpoint of human beings living on the Earth rather than the science we see today, which focuses on wealth in its narrowest definition.

The author, Leon MacLaren (1910-1994), founded the School of Economic Science in 1937.  The aim of this study of economics was to understand the natural laws governing relations between men in society.  Economics is a human study and therefore at its heart is the study of human nature and its interaction with the natural world.

Man lives permanently only on the land, therefore economics is about how man derives his wealth from the land and how that wealth is amassed, used, distributed, etc.  It is not just a study of wealth and how to get more of it, but rather a study of man in society, as without society he is virtually without wealth.  Thus justice plays a large part in the study.

The School’s Economics Course was written many years ago and here it has been turned from a course to a book, expanded and brought up to date in terms which are familiar to everyone today.

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