All the World's a Stage

All the World's a Stage
Authors: Dorothy Boux
ISBN: 0-85683-146-8
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Speeches, poems and songs from Shakespeare both hand written in elegant calligraphy and illustrated by Dorothy Boux

As an introduction to Shakespeare, this presentation of extracts from Shakespeare's greatest plays and sonnets should capture the imagination of parents and children alike. Shakespeare presents a gamut of human emotions - love, humour, murder, sorcery, violence and greatness. Each text is stylistically distinct, and the skilful use of calligraphy heightens and underscores the phonetic and dramatic qualities of Shakespeare's verse. The book explores four themes: young love, laughter and innocence; the dark and the sinister in human nature; war; and the choices facing us in life, as represented by the three caskets in "A Merchant of Venice".

This tapestry of Shakespeare's words opens with Jacques' broad and humorous view of the stages of man's life, followed by a king musing on the measured, simple life of a shepherd and the Archbishop's metaphor of the ordered beehive.  Then the joy of the morning, the world of fairyland and the glorious presence of the goddesses follow.  Turning to the affairs of the heart: Romeo adores Juliet, Viola advises on wooing, Speed describes the comic behaviour of lovers, Theseus compares the frenzy shared by the lunatic, the lover and the poet, and the voice of Shakespeare speaks of true Love.  In the fairy kingdom Oberon interferes with the amorous affairs of others and makes his queen fall in Love with an ass; and Queen Mab plays havoc with people's dreams.

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Text from the Oxford Shakespeare published in 1905 and edited by W J Craig, M.A.

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