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All the World's a Stage
Speeches, poems and songs from Shakespeare both hand written in elegant calligraphy and illustrated ..
All Things Natural
All Things Natural is not a new translation of the Timaeus, but a commentary on it. Ficino's comm..
An Introduction to Marsilio Ficino
Contains a timeline of Ficino's Life, a Foreword and Nine Selected Letters to show the way to a good..
Commentaries on the Laws of England
Extracts from Commentaries on the Laws of England, which was originally published in the 18th centur..
Consider England
What is it that makes England English? What are the quintessentially English qualities? The author m..
Dasasloki & Brahmajnanavalimala
Each of the two compositions has four literal translation into English, plus detailed grammatical an..
Five principles are presented using the Platonic Dialogues as a guide to see how they may be made pr..
Essence of Vedanta
The Essence of Vedanta examines existential philosophy from the viewpoint of the Veda, the most anci..
Ever More Shall Be So
This is a translation into English for the first time of Ficino’s Latin translation and commentary o..
Fate of Empires
Living as we do in an age of decadence, how may we set about saving ourselves? In these inspiring es..
Firm Foundation
A sound constitution, a good character, and a well-furnished mind are in the experience of the autho..
Function of Economics
The transcript of a lecture delivered at the Royal Society of Arts, London on 23rd July 1952 by Leon..
Golden Thread
This is a book to restore hope to a world in which unpredictable change and unrest breed concern abo..
If I can
Timeless values for today inspired by the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling and the Bhagavad Gita ..
In Praise of Silence
A book to praise and extol the virtues of silence, both from the personal experience of the author a..

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